Buah Tin & Perubatan Sunnah

Healing With The Medicine of the Prophet s.a.w. by Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah as quoted by Abdul Rahman Abdullah

"The Sunnah does not mention figs because they do not grow in that part of the Hijaz. Figs require an environment that is different from that where dates grow. Allah has sworn by the Tiin in His Book because of the tremendous benefits and uses.

Tiin is hot and either dry or wet. The best type of figs are the white kind when they are ripe, as they cleanse the sand that accumulates in the liver and prostate and serve as a preventive substance against poisons. Figs are more nutritious than all other types of fruit and helps relieve the roughness of the chest, throat and trachea. It also cleanse the liver and the spleen, purifies the phlegm that accumulates in the stomach and provide good nourishment for the body. Yet it makes one more susceptible to lice if eaten excessively."

Page 259: Edited by Abdul Rahman Abdullah