Varieti Pokok Tin - JUMBO

Apa kata Fig Malaysia..

Profile of JUMBO !!

JUMBO is a hybrid cultivar of Taiwan. It was done by my good friend, some info about this variety that everybody should know:
1. It come with different shape, some similar to pear shape and some oval or rounded.
2. Some are out of shape became mutant
3. Normally the size is BIG, weighing from 130-180 g
4. Very productive and everbearing
5. Texture is soft and juicy if fully ripe
6. Colour of texture is varies, normally it is honey golden colour, light red (pinkish) to medium red colour (this what we observed)
7. When it is fully ripe, it is fragile, especially the outer skin, it is easily bruised
8. After ripening, it can last 4-7 days depend how you keep them.
9. For best result of freshness and sweeter, after picking keep refregerated for 2 days imediately, then you may enjoy your figs.